Brezplačni e-vodič: Kako postati programer?
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BESTSELLER: Web Development 1
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  • game development

    Game Development – Unity (ENGLISH LANGUAGE)

    12 hours

    8 lectures


    Course date
    june 2024


    Game development is a great way to introduce young people to the world of programming – not only is it fun and interactive, but it’s also educational! In the digital…

  • [BUNDLE] Web Development 1 + 2 (ENGLISH LANGUAGE)

    72 hours

    48 lectures


    Course date
    june 2024


    Learn how to create websites and web applications in Python and JavaScript! Beginner and advanced Python and Javascript courses. In two 12-week courses, you will get to know the solid…

  • eng sql and databases 2

    SQL and databases 2 (ENGLISH LANGUAGE)

    7,5 hours

    5 lectures


    Course date
    june 2024


    Expand your knowledge of the basics of SQL with more advanced queries and techniques. In this course, you’ll learn about SQL functions, complex SQL sentences, nested queries, indexes,…

  • eng html css

    Introduction to Web Development – HTML and CSS (ENGLISH LANGUAGE)

    6 hours

    4 lectures


    Course date
    june 2024


    Online course with LIVE instructor lectures! Suitable for total beginners. Learn the basics of developing websites with HTML and CSS