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BESTSELLER: Web Development 1
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[BUNDLE] Web Development 1+2 / Desenvolvimento Web 1+2 (PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE)

Learn how to create websites and web applications in Python and JavaScript! Beginner and advanced Python and Javascript courses. In two 12-week courses, you will get to know the solid foundations of programming in Python, and after a break of a few weeks, you will have advanced knowledge of databases and programming in JavaScript. Sign up for a Web Development course that takes you from a complete beginner to the solid basics of programming.

A BUNDLE of Web Development 1 and 2 courses is available, with which you save 20%.

The Web Development 1 and 2 courses are chosen by beginners who are very interested in programming and need knowledge in the field of web development at work (communicating with programmers, understanding their operation), for an afternoon hobby (making websites, imparting programming knowledge), for gaining new knowledge (training in new skills), or they plan to change their career path and become a junior developer (both courses, together with a strong will, are sufficient for an entry-level developer in companies.

72 hours
48 lectures


Web Development 1 (Python):

Web Development consists of two basic concepts: Front end development and Back end development. The course is divided into three parts.

First part: Front-end development

Everyone takes their first steps into the world of websites with the front-end languages ​​HTML and CSS. At the same time, you will get to know the popular Bootstrap CSS framework and start building your programming CV with GitHub.

Part Two: Basics of Python Programming

You will learn the basics of programming in Python, which is one of the most popular programming languages ​​due to its clean and elegant syntax.

Part three: Back-end development with Python

Every (serious) website needs a back end in addition to a front end. We will build this using Python and upload the website to Heroku web hosting (Amazon Web Services – AWS).

During the course, you will program more than 20 small projects, with which you will accumulate initial programming mileage and can include them in your programming CV on GitHub.

Web Development 2 (JavaScript):

Part one: Designing databases

In the first part, you learn about relational databases, how to query them with SQL statements, and how to properly plan them. Terms like: “one-to-many”, “master key” and “JOIN” will be a snack for you after this part of the course. In this part, you make plans for 10 different databases and build them with SQL statements. In this way, you train well in the correct design of databases, which is key knowledge for practically every serious programming project.

Second part: Advanced web development concepts

In Web Development 1, you learn the basics of HTML, CSS, Python, and web development. On Web Development 2, we learn about more advanced topics in web development:

  • Background tasks
  • CRON jobs
  • Task queues
  • CSRF
  • Memcache/Redis
  • Sending emails from the web application, etc.
  • Cookies

If most of the concepts mentioned above are not familiar to you, don’t worry. On the course, we will get to know them well and practically implement them in the project that will be built during the course.

Part Three: JavaScript

In the last part, you will get to know JavaScript, which helps you make the front end of a web application more interactive. We will learn, for example, how to validate data entered by users in forms, how to make asynchronous GET and POST requests, and how to implement useful JS libraries. The knowledge of the basics of JavaScript that you get in this course can serve as a good basis for using JS frameworks (such as React, Vue.js, etc.).


Course participants don’t need any prior coding knowledge because you’ll learn everything from the basics. The course will be held in ENGLISH LANGUAGE.


The course takes place twice a week, each Monday and Thursday between 17:00 and 18:30 (48 sessions in total).

What do I need with me?

Each participant needs a computer with at least 4GB of RAM and a solid internet connection.

What if I miss a session?

Every student gets access to the Student dashboard where you can see all the lessons. If you miss some course sessions don’t worry – you can study the lesson on your own at home. There are also five recap lessons during the course where you can make up for the missing sessions.


  • Course completion certificate
  • Free 4-month access to JetBrains Academy learning materials to help you build your knowledge long after you finish the course
  • Online lessons that are held LIVE with the instructor, each course has guaranteed time to revise and review assignments
  • Access to curriculum and lesson videos forever
  • Involvement in the Slack channel, where you communicate with the instructor and students outside of lecture time
  • 20% discount on all future (undiscounted) Smartninja courses
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june 2024
Boštjan Cigan
72 hours
48 lectures