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Frequently asked questions of more than 2000 atendees
What is SmartNinja?

SmartNinja teaches useful and practical IT skills. Our mission is to help people discover and develop talents and skills that will help them find or even create a job! We organize courses in the basics of programming, web application development, and database management. Our courses take place online with instructor LIVE and they are held in native languages. For now, programming courses are held in sixlanguages. English, Portuguese, German, Slovenian, Croatian and Hungarian.

What skills does SmartNinja teach?
Our programs focus on basic programming concepts, as the beginner must get a good foundation of this knowledge before focusing on specialization in a specific programming branch. The focus is to learn the basics of easy programming languages like Python and Javascript, and gaining knowledge on HTML and CSS is crucial. We’re constantly adding new courses and skills, so sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with new courses and novelties in the programming world!
How useful are the skills I learn in SmartNinja courses?
Our focus is on useful and useful IT skills and quality delivery of courses. We are in constant contact with many IT companies who help us design content according to their needs and the needs of the market. Thus, this knowledge can help you get a job more easily or even create your business/startup. The goal is to know basic concepts that will help you learn programming in the future. You will know where to find answers, what to ask, and how to find similar like-minded programmers.
Do I need any prior knowledge for the Web development 1 course?
It depends on the course, but for the basic 12-week programming course (Web development 1) no prior knowledge is required. The program goes through the basics of front-end development with HTML and CSS, as well as the basics of back-end programming in Python.
Do I have to be good at math to become a programmer?
No, it’s not necessary. Most professional programmers never need to do any math calculations or anything like that in their work. This is only necessary if you focus on a more specific and demanding part of the IT world, e.g. into artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithm development, theoretical computing, etc.
I already have some experience, is the SmartNinja course suitable for me?
SmartNinja courses are suitable for everyone who wants to take their first steps in website programming and also for those who want to consolidate (repeat) their knowledge. Mentors can give additional tasks and teach additional skills to participants who progress faster. There are also advanced courses available (see courses with number 2 in the name) that can help you learn even more!
How do courses look like? 
The course takes place online via video conference, but the instructor is live on the course. It teaches you material that is well-tested and of high quality and adapted according to the latest guidelines in programming. The instructor is available for any questions or additional explanations. The courses are hold in the afternoon, mostly starting between 5 or 6 pm. This way, you are able to come home from work and pay attention to classes with full content.
Do I get a certificate of completion after the course?
Yes, you get a certificate of completion issued by Smartninja brand. It is suitable to put it on your desk and hang on a wall, or publish it online and show you have valuable skills. You can put a date and topic of completed course on Linkedin in the “education” section. The certificate is proof that you have successfully completed the Smartninja course and acquired new skills.
Can I pay for the course in installments?
The course can be paid in maximum 2 installments. Contact us for more information!
Do you have more questions?
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