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Terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions of the website are composed in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2), based on the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS) and international codes for e-commerce.

EXPLANATION: Terms and Conditions are rules for organizer and participant. Everyone who applies to the course must agree to the terms. Terms and conditions (especially parts about refunds etc.) must be check by local authorities. Usually this things are taking cared of by local “Bureau of Consumer Protection”


1. General provisions

SmartNinja is an educational course (hereinafter: course), organized Cluekit d.o.o., Podbreznik 15, 8000 Novo mesto, Slovenia, Identification number: 9084614000, Tax number: SI 92929699 (hereinafter: Organizer).

Participants of the course (hereinafter: participants) are individuals who have signed up for the course and accepted the terms and conditions of participation in the program.

2. Process and conditions

The course is open to anyone who signed up for the program through application form and accepted the rules and conditions of participation in the course. Applications must be submitted by the application deadline and contain all required information. All the information must be accurate.

The organizer reserves the right to limit the number of participants. Interpretation and clarification to the provisions and rules are given by the organizer, his decisions are final and not subject to appeal.
Participants must pay the registration fee in full before the registration deadline, unless otherwise agreed with the organizer (in case of instalments or other arrangements).

Less than 7 days before the deadline, the organizer is obliged to refund only 50% of the total fee. On the last day of registration deadline for the course, organizer is not obliged to refund the fee to the participant.

The participant who registers online, may within 15 days from the date of registration (valid only if it is more than 7 days to the beginning of the course) notify Organizer about his intention to withdraw his application (Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Act). There is no handling costs.

In case of illness the organizer returns proportionate share of the fee up to the date of the written cancellations to the participant.

In all other cases of not attending the course, (lack of time, vacation …) participant is not entitled to refunds.

Paid tuition fee of the participant can not be “transferred” to another course.

All prices include VAT.

Potential discount will be charged after entering a promotional code in the field provided in the application form. Discounts cannot sum up, are not cumulative. We reserve the right to errors in the published discount. In case of publication of false discount, or in case the amount of the discount is changed during the application process, we reserve the right to cancel sum of the discount.

SmartNinja courses are carried out in different locations. The organizer will inform the participants about the exact location of the program 5 (five) days before the start of the program.

The participant will:
– actively participate in the program,
– attend all activities within the workshop,
– use tools and programs, for which he/has has the appropriate rights
– will ensure smooth work and implementation of workshops,
– will handle property, technical aids and other equipment with care and responsibility In the event of damage the participant is obliged to recover damage.

The participant will refrain from any action that would harm the reputation of the organizer.

The organizer will:
– perform all the activities in SmartNinja program
– ensure the quality of the course
– provide the technical infrastructure for the course
– provide other infrastructure

3. Data protection

While executing the workshop, organizer processes personal data of the participants, which they provide themselves. Organizer protects and processes all personal information in accordance with regulations governing the protection of personal data. The organizer reserves the right to monitor the conduct and activities of the participants and preparing articles about their performance in the program. The organizer will not publicly publish data or information that are business secret.

4. Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

In accordance with legal regulations, we do not recognize any out-of-court settlement provider for consumer disputes that a consumer could initiate under the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act., a provider of goods and services offering online commerce in Slovenia, publishes on its website an electronic link to a platform for online settlement of consumer disputes (SRPS). The platform is available to consumers at the link HERE.

This regulation is based on the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act, Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on online settlement of consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No. 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22/EC.

In case of legal settlement of disputes, the competent court is the court according to the consumer’s permanent residence.

5. The operator of the website and the provider of products is the company

Cluekit d.o.o.
The company is registered in the court register of the District Court of Novo Mesto and is liable for VAT.
Company registration number: 9084614000
Tax number: SI92929699
Bank account: SI56 6100 0002 6967 414 (DH d.d.)
The company was founded on 10.03.2022
Registration authority: District Court of Novo Mesto

6. Copyright protection

The Copyright and Related Rights Act (ZASP-NPB11)

This website is the exclusive property of Cluekit d.o.o. –, therefore any misuse of data, photographs, texts and other information that are part of this website is prohibited. Any copying, distribution or other use of all the aforementioned information is prohibited without the prior knowledge and permission of Cluekit d.o.o.

7. Prices

All prices on the website are in euros (EUR) and include value added tax (VAT). The provider can change the price of an item in the offer without prior notice. The provider sells products for a fee; if an item is mistakenly listed as free, the provider is not obliged to give that item to the user for free.

8. Purchase process

8.1.. If the order has been successfully completed, you will see the text “We have received your order” on the website. In addition, you will receive an email with the details of your order to the email address you entered during registration.

8.2 Order confirmation

After completing your order, you will receive an email with the details of your order to the email address you entered when placing the order. In this email, you will also be informed that you can write to us at if you have any questions.

9. Payment terms

9.1 The price for the selected product is valid on the day of purchase, namely on the day of the conclusion and submission of the order via the online store.

All prices are in euros (EUR) and include value added tax (VAT).

9.2 The provider offers the following payment methods:

The provider offers the following payment methods.

Bank transfer

10. Complaints and information

In case of a complaint or request for additional information regarding the service, we expect your message to the email address or to the address:

Cluekit d.o.o.
Podbreznik 15
8000 Novo mesto

11. Withdrawal from the contract and return of the service

Right of withdrawal of the consumer from the contract

In the case of contracts concluded at a distance, the consumer has the right to inform the company within 14 days by e-mail ( or by any other communication channel that he/she is withdrawing from the contract, without having to give a reason for his/her decision.

The purchase price will be refunded to the consumer to the same payment.

12. Final provisions

If the provider believes that the user is violating applicable law or harming the interests of the websites operated by the provider or its affiliated or subsidiary companies, the provider may, at any time and without prior notice, cancel, change, temporarily or permanently suspend or terminate the user’s order or membership, including access to any content on the website for the particular user.

In case of violation of these rules, the organizer will warn participant and set a deadline for the termination or elimination of his/her violations. If the participant continues with violations, the organizer may exclude him/her from the course.

Participants of the course are confirming that they are familiar with these rules by submitting the application, and will not have any claims for the organizer. Unless it’s agreed otherwise in individual contracts with the participants, the organizer has no rights to the product or service that participants created during the workshop. However, the organizer reserves the right to communicate to the public and emphasize that such product or service was created by participants as part of the course.

Signing up for the course and accepting the conditions of participation in the program is not considered as a contract of employment or an invitation to conclude a contract of employment. Participant’s application to the course is voluntary therefore, she/he does not perform any kind of work for the organizer.

Terms and conditions of participation in the program is valid from 9 February 2015. Organizer may change the conditions and rules and commits himself that it will, in this case, inform the participants in appropriate manner.

Irena Žagar
Cluekit d.o.o.
Brand: SmartNinja