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WAD 2019 – Will AI Replace Us?

We’ve just got back from this year’s WeAreDevelopers conference! For the first time, the event took place in the city which has become the main EU hub for tech investors, international corporations and start-up companies – Berlin.

While programmers, data analysts, and other techies came here primarily to search for a prospective employer among well-known technology pioneers and start-ups, we went to the conference to expand our horizons. Of course, we were also thinking about you and were really looking forward to sharing the impressions that marked this year’s event with you.

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Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation

Last year there was a lot of talk about the lack of developers everywhere and consequently about employment, but this year the focus was on the growth of artificial intelligence (AI), rapid changes in how work is done and the digital transformation of companies.

Digital transformation puts businesses ahead of the challenge: business models need to transform with time which can only be done by human beings: with their intelligence and creativity.

We have learned about this on the very first day when a famous chess grandmaster, speaker, and author of the book – Deep Thinking: Where Mechanical Intelligence Ends And Human Creativity BeginsGarry Kasparov – opened the conference with his speech.

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The emphasis of the speech was on the fact that the creativity of people in the world of smart machines is very important, and that the technology needs a human factor. According to Kasparov, we should be aware that AI will never replace us, but instead, we will strengthen and improve AI by adding human creativity to it.

“AI is augmented. We aren’t being replaced. We’re being promoted!” – Garry Kasparov

Being aware that AI will never replace us or how to prevent the fear of artificial intelligence?

Although tech automation has recently experienced explosive growth, people are still a very important part of it. By automating, more and more companies strive to free their employees of manual, recurring tasks, making them more productive, fulfilled and focused on doing work with a greater added value.

This is primarily the case with human judgment, which brings more creative and strategic thinking into the company. In today’s tech-oriented world, this is considered a skill that is very difficult to leave to AI alone.

“The magic will happen when you simply tell your computer what you want, and the computer will program it. Then we will all be programmers”

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The harmony of people and technology

Although new technologies are progressing very rapidly and the rise of artificial intelligence brings ever-increasing challenges, the future is bright for people who trust AI, learn from it, but at the same time, they are aware that they have an advantage on their side – in their creativity.

This was also pointed out by Nancy Nemes, the founder Ms. AI Initiative. She added that artificial intelligence can only be driven forward by humanity, which is oriented optimistically, has high ambitions, is not afraid to take a risk and thoughtfully but quickly monitors current trends. She has also highlighted the importance of education in this field.

At SmartNinja we completely agree with this. We teach modern IT skills which help people to build and to create. We want the participants of our courses to have a sense of security, freedom and awareness that they are moving forward with time.

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