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SmartNinja Q3-2020 Report: Online courses are here to stay

We started with quarterly reports to be more transparent with our employees, instructors, and students — the SmartNinjas.

We believe that in today’s world, it’s more important than ever to build trust — and what better way to do it than this. We have looked at the data from our last quarter (Q3-2020), and here are the results.

Hundreds of students from 10 different cities joined a SmartNinja course in Q3 2020

Smartninja_sola_programiranja_tecaji_q3 course map 1603102197 scaled

39.4 % of our students were female ‍

Smartninja_sola_programiranja_tecaji_q3 male female 1603102180

The average course grade was 8.6/10. ⭐

Students who finished our courses in July, August, and September of 2020, rated them with an average of 8.6/10.

Smartninja_sola_programiranja_tecaji_q3 grade 1603102212

Online courses are here to stay

Smartninja_sola_programiranja_tecaji_online info session 1586862331

The coronavirus pandemic still has big influence on our courses and we strongly believe that online courses are here to stay.

We are seeing many benefits of offering SmartNinja courses through live video streaming. For the first time, we see people attending from rural areas or from smaller cities which was not possible before. We are happy that we can now bring our courses to a much wider audience.

Our first billboard in Lublin, Poland

Smartninja_sola_programiranja_tecaji_q3 billboard 1603103120

At SmartNinja we mostly use online channels to tell people about us and our courses. But this time our franchise partner in Poland decided to try something else. So here it is. Our first billboard. We love it! ❤️

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