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SmartNinja Q1–2020 Report: The highest average grade EVER!

We started with quarterly reports to be more transparent with our employees, instructors, and students — the SmartNinjas.

We believe that in today’s world, it’s more important than ever to build trust — and what better way to do it than this. We have looked at the data from our last quarter (Q1-2020), and these are the results.

Hundreds of students from 13 different cities started a SmartNinja course in Q1 2020

Smartninja_sola_programiranja_tecaji_smartninja world map q1 2020 1586861197

37.8 % of our students were female ‍

Smartninja_sola_programiranja_tecaji_gender balance map q1 1586861177

The average course grade of 9.1/10. Best ever!

Students who finished our courses in January, February, and March of 2020, rated them with an average of 9.1/10.

Smartninja_sola_programiranja_tecaji_average grade q2 2020 1586861155

We’ve Started With Online Courses

Smartninja_sola_programiranja_tecaji_online course slack channel 1585124661

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, everything is moving into the digital world (at least everything that can be moved there). SmartNinja courses are no exception.

This means that our course sessions are now held via video conferencing instead of in-person meetings at physical locations.

People can now attend SmartNinja courses from anywhere in the world!

The First Online Info Session ️

Smartninja_sola_programiranja_tecaji_online info session 1586862331

Moving SmartNinja courses online also pushed us to change other things we usually do in-person. One of those things is an Info Session. We’ve already held two online info sessions in Slovenia and Austria!

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