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SmartNinja Q1–2019 Report: An exciting start of the year

We started with quarterly reports in order to be more transparent with our employees, instructors, students — the SmartNinjas. We believe that in today’s world it’s more important than ever to build trust — and what’s a better way to do it, than this. We have looked at the data from our last quarter (Q1 2019) and these are the results.

Hundreds of students from 10 different cities started a SmartNinja course in Q1 2019

Smartninja_sola_programiranja_tecaji_europe map smartninja q1 2019 1555577129

The first Info Session in Lithuania took place in February with a record number of participants

More than 60 people attended the info session! (Usually, it’s around 20)

Smartninja_sola_programiranja_tecaji_dscf8052 1553027722

37.1% of our students were female

Smartninja_sola_programiranja_tecaji_screenshot 2019 04 15 12 1555577337

Students who finish our courses rated them with an average of 8.4/10

Smartninja_sola_programiranja_tecaji_survey grade 1555577438

New franchisees!

Smartninja_sola_programiranja_tecaji_new partnerships 1555580700

In Q1 2019 we started new franchising partnerships that bring SmartNinja courses to cities in Lithuania, Spain, Serbia, Portugal, Switzerland, and Canada.

Moreover, the new franchise in Winnipeg (Canada) is the first SmartNinja franchise outside Europe. North America, here we come! 🙂

Non-profit project: Coding for Mothers and Daughters on the Mothers Day

We did a collaboration with Digital School (coding school for kids) from Slovenia on a heart-warming project called: Coding for Mothers and Daughters in March 2019. Here are some photos from the event:

Smartninja_sola_programiranja_tecaji_mothers day 1555581102

Smartninja_sola_programiranja_tecaji_mothers day 2 1555581123

We have new stickers

We updated our stickers. Now every SmartNinja student gets a set of three stickers and can tell the world who they are. A true SmartNinja!

Smartninja_sola_programiranja_tecaji_stickers 1555581392

Hope you enjoyed this quarterly report! Till next time 🙂

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