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Moving SmartNinjaHQ blog posts to our own website

Don’t worry. We will still post articles on Medium.

So far we’ve posted articles regarding SmartNinjaHQ solely on Medium, while each of our franchises was able to post their blogs on their respective websites.

Recently we’ve decided to start posting the HQ blog posts on the website for various reasons, one of them being the SEO (search engine optimization).

If you’re an avid reader of our articles on Medium – worry not! The articles posted on our website will also be reposted on Medium.

But… won’t this hurt your SEO?

That’s a legitimate question and the one we’ve also asked ourselves.

Usually, Google (and other search engines) are not fond of reposting the same content on various websites. Moreover, they can penalize you for doing this which would mean your search rank would drop heavily.

Photo by Edho Pratama (Unsplash)

But there’s an exception to this rule. A reposted article can be marked as such, so the search engines are able to know that this is not the original content, but merely a repost. In this case, reposting does not hurt your search ranking.

And this is what Medium allows anyone to do. By using the Import a Story feature we’ll be able to repost our articles to Medium without any worries.

So now you can either follow us on Medium or bookmark the website if you’d like to stay up-to-date with what’s going up with us. 🙂

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