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Do I need to be a programmer to start a coding school?

Short answer: No. Foremost, you need to be an entrepreneur.

Running a coding school is like running any other business. As a CEO, you don’t need to be an expert in your company’s field of work. It doesn’t hurt if you are, but CEOs mostly deal with administration, finance, sales, partnerships, etc.

Of course, you need someone by your side who is an expert in your company’s industry. This can be either a co-founder, a trusted employee, or – in the case of a franchise business – a franchisor who takes care of the expertize and provides you with a plug-and-play product or service.

How do we know this?

At SmartNinja, we’ve helped many entrepreneurs start a local coding school even though they were not programmers. And yet they are able to successfully run a coding school.

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Because we provide them with everything a coding school needs: curriculums for coding courses, a website where people can apply to a course and extensive know-how on how to effectively run this business.

Coding schools are a fast-growing business and a too good of an opportunity to miss out just because you’re not an expert in programming. As explained, you don’t need to be. One could even argue it might be better if you’re not. Instead, you should be great at sales and marketing – the two fields where great programmers (who are often a bit introverted) do not excel.

So if you’re good at sales and marketing and you’d like to start your own coding school – don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to talk to you!

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